The documentation, conservation and protection of the collections

In order to proceed rationally to document the collections of the museum and, at the same time, to make possible the investigation for the experts and specialists, in 1990 a new cataloguing of the collections was begun using updated criterions.

This process has involved the identification of the works, revising the information given in the old catalogues and index cards of the museum and matching it with the basic information of a large part of the collections. The new catalogue index cards are introduced in the specialised software MuseumPlus, and they are made by detailing to the maximum the descriptions and details, including the specialised bibliography. The register book has been also completed, introducing and registering the unprecedented works or those that hadn’t been registered. At the same time, a new photographic archive has been created, which is being completed gradually.

In addition to these tasks, others are destined to the preventive conservation of the collections. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers have been installed in the different exhibition rooms, in order to introduce the opportune corrections. In the same way, a light control is made in different areas. The museum has hygrothermograph devices which allow the control of the temperature and humidity variations.

Moreover, several works have been restored, or they are in the process of being restored. Most of the Gothic Art Gallery has been restored by the Centre de Restauració de Béns Mobles de la Generalitat de Catalunya, thanks to the aid of grants.

These tasks are part of a methodical and progressive plan to revise the collections attending to the quality and importance of the works, as well as the priorities and urgencies —according to different pathologies that every work presents— and they are subjected, if necessary, to a suitable conservation or restoration process.

Compartment of the altarpiece of Saint Mary Magdalene (before the restoration)

Compartment of the altarpiece of Saint Mary Magdalene (after the restoration)